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Founded by industry veterans, Northshore is on a mission to help data center service providers maximize the profitability of their infrastructure by enhancing energy efficiency and improving capacity utilization. By auditing building infrastructure systems and their utility consumption, we can identify opportunities for improvements and upgrades that will lead to substantial energy savings and optimized capacity utilization. It is not uncommon for our clients to see million-dollar gains in profits — per building, per year.

Energy Program Management

Phase 1:

Discovery & Design

The first step is to identify utility savings and capacity utilization opportunities of your data center. The Discovery and Design Phase, includes virtual mapping of a facility and the creation of several engineering models in order to produce a financial model that is calibrated to the performance of the infrastructure itself.


Once we have identified efficiency and capacity opportunities, we go to work building out an implementation strategy, comprised of early wins and long-term gains. Many of these solutions require a straightforward reconfiguration of existing systems and are, therefore, inexpensive to implement. Other solutions may require a capital investment in the form of infrastructure upgrades or retrofits. These upgrades take longer to implement but each one can yield 6-to-7-figure savings over time.

Phase 2:



Phase 2 is where the rubber meets the road. At this point, we will create a complete project plan, which includes everything you may require to implement our recommendations, such as a playbook for energy conservation, a table of capacity targets, as well as budgets and timelines for any of the larger projects.


We can be as involved in Phase 2 as you need us to. Some clients prefer that we deliver the plan and hold their team to their energy and capacity milestone commitments. Others opt that we stay much more involved in the process by overseeing the implementation of infrastructure upgrades or retrofits.

Phase 3:

Operational Management

Unfortunately, when it comes to data centers, a “set it and forget it” approach is not sufficient to keep your energy costs from ticking back up nor to keep your capacity from becoming stranded. With thousands of components and millions of lines of code, data centers require ongoing management, what we call Operational Management.


Once Phase 2 is complete, Northshore provides your team with the ongoing engineering expertise to retain the cost savings and efficiencies you’ve worked so hard to secure. Our continuing mission is to ensure your facility remains finely tuned against the inevitable churn and changes as time progresses.


Why Work with Northshore?

Coordinated Modeling Approach


Our engineers are experts in several industry modeling technologies such as energy modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). By employing a proprietary process and workflow, we are able to deliver unprecedented accuracy with our engineering and predictions — far more accurate that industry-standard "back of the napkin" calculations.





As energy costs increase, so, too, do the opportunities to bring about greater energy efficiency and an overall reduction of usage. From the operations of the data center itself to its software to its equipment, opportunities to decrease energy costs can be found nearly anywhere. Northshore will not only help you find them but also help you prioritize which to pursue and in which order.

Capacity Utilization & Evaluation


When it comes to the profitability of your infrastructure, capacity is the most important factor. Northshore can provide a precise analysis of how much IT capacity is truly being stranded or underutilized. With this information, we are able to help you strategize ways to optimize your data center's capacity, and therefore "optimize" your profit margins.

Financial Modeling


Our financial reports and analyses elucidate the critical capex/opex levers necessary to improve the profitability of investments in data center infrastructure. Derived from our comprehensive engineering models, our financial modeling empowers stakeholders to understand the costs as well as the benefits of any infrastructure modifications or investments.

Implementation Management


Infrastructure retrofits and improvements are inherently difficult. Northshore designs collaborative workflows and processes tailored to the individual operational needs of each business. Already have a great team? Excellent! Let’s set up milestone targets and commitments and we can be as supportive as needed.

Utility Rebate Support


Did you know that there are thousands of opportunities offered by state and local governments to incentivize corporate energy efficiency? From baseline measurement to application to closing, Northshore will help you take advantage of energy efficiency incentives and utility rebate programs — including those you might not already know about!

Our Leadership Team


Aryn Bergman, P.E.

Aryn is driven by the ever-increasing necessity for humanity to maximize the use of our limited resources. His vision for Northshore is to develop the next generation of collaborative modeling tools and processes for the analysis, design, construction, and operations of the built environment.


Aryn has spent his career solving efficiency problems for some of the highest-profile companies in Silicon Valley. His 13 years of experience as a mechanical engineer using BIM, energy analysis, and CFD arms him with a unique set of tools to solve complex building performance challenges. He spends the majority of his time maximizing the energy efficiency and critical IT capacities of data centers. However, he loves to work on commercial, industrial, and residential buildings as well, especially if a project involves the use of new technologies or the development of innovative workflows.


Aryn is a long-standing advocate for Facebook’s Open Compute Project where he is a multiple-tenured presenter on high tech solutions to the inefficiencies and workflows of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) Industry.


Matt Renner

Matt co-founded Northshore to positively impact the efficiency and utilization of mankind's largest machine: the internet. Recent studies have shown that up to 5% of the world's global utility usage is consumed to power the internet. Matt sees every data center as an opportunity to be better utilized and more efficient.


Previously, Matt served as a member of the high performing Sales Engineering business unit at Digital Realty. There, he applied his skills in data center infrastructure, MEP systems/system design and CFD applications to provide technical support and project management across Digital Realty's diverse portfolio of enterprise and colocation customers.


Matt received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University. With these fundamentals, he jumped right into the industry working for CFD software developer and vendor Future Facilities. Matt served as the Consulting Project Manager of the Americas where he lead the engineering team through a broad scope of both domestic and international consulting opportunities.


Jarrod Pirtle

Jarrod brings his 20 years of AEC experience to Northshore to help identify and utilize the best tools and processes available. He has spent his career designing, modeling, and analyzing the most efficient data centers in the world. He’s driven to seek out the most talented engineers and proven technologies in pursuit of this ideal.


Having worked in a variety of industries and with most major CAD platforms, Jarrod developed an affinity for intelligent, data-driven design tools. This passion led to championing BIM technology as the central hub of building data models and working to develop the integrations needed to connect disparate sources of information such as reality capture, CFD, and Energy analysis to the BIM model.


Samual Zastrow, P.E.

Sam’s motivation stems from a deep passion to bring sustainability to the forefront of our built environment; holistically designing buildings for our future, not only the present. With robust experience in energy modeling, energy incentives, and code compliance, he has worked on some of the premier Zero Net Energy buildings throughout California, and delivered cost-effective efficiency solutions at scale to a diverse array of clients.

Sam earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, with minors in Engineering for Energy Sustainability and Engineering Thermal Energy Systems. By bringing fresh ideas, tools, and workflows to the AEC industry, Sam works to achieve a harmonious blend of the natural and built environment through intelligent, sustainable design.


George Britton-Read

George is leading Northshore's expansion into Europe. He brings significant experience with large scale analytics projects and a deep understanding of the data center industry.


George's own passion for energy and the environment began while earning an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering at Cranfield. From here he began looking further downstream to big consumers of energy and ultimately to the internet and the huge amounts of compute power associated with it.


This led him to work for a UK-based startup who specialised in analysing, modelling and predicting the performance of data centres from both an energy and cost perspective. During his time here a led a team of energy engineers in delivering consulting projects globally, covering Western Europe, North America, Singapore and Japan. George has also spent time working on numerous analytics projects, using data to better inform decision in an increasingly digital world.





Miguel Asturias

Miguel is a recent engineering graduate from Santa Clara University where he discovered and fostered his passion to work on projects that improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. Raised in Guatemala, a country whose natural resources are the backbone of the economy, he discovered the importance of working toward sustainability goals and maximizing the effectiveness of energy consumption.

Miguel is excited to be helping companies across the globe reduce their carbon footprint via Northshore's data center energy programs. He enjoys that his work here is already having a world-wide impact to reduce not only global carbon emissions but also the utilization of natural resources.  He looks forward to collaborating with industry professionals to help move the data center sector toward a sustainable future.

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